Anstine / Enstine / Onstine Family
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The purpose of this website is to create a sense of family community among Anstine, Onstine, Enstine Family members. The original settler Johan Jurg Anstein arrived in the American Colonies in 1751.

Johan had 13 children. We have connected with living members of five of those children. George, Simon, and Henry 's last names were changed slightly to Anstine. Frederick and John's last names were changed to Onstine and Enstine respectively.

Anstine Family Members
Ron Anstine Johnson\
Hammond Nickolson (Nick) Anstine visits his father's gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery on his father's birthday
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Family News
Alva (Shorty) Anstine 1912-2010
Alva (Shorty) Anstine, father of Doris (Anstine) Russell, died on 10 November 2010. Shorty was 98 years old. He was the oldest living Anstine Family Member. Shorty's photo is in the upper left hand corner.
Everett Enstine 1912-2012
Everett Anstine, father of Ed Enstinel, died on 10 August in Ithaca, New York. Everett was 88 years old.