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6 April 2001

250th Anstine Arrival Anniversary Celebration / Reunion
3 - 5 August 2001

Algonkian Regional Park on the Potomac River in Cascades Virginia
Johan Jurg Anstein arrived 250 years ago in Philadelphia on 24 September 1751 on the Ship Neptune. At that time Pennsylvania was a colony of Great Britain. Life was not easy as Johan began his life in a new world. Things got even worse for him and his children as the American Revolution grew in intensity. Several of his sons were soldiers in the Revolutionary War. One son was involved to the extent he changed he last name from Anstine to Onstine.
Johan Jurg Anstein had 10 children, 3 female and 7 male children. Of the 10 children we have extensive information on 4 of the male children's lines. Three of the children, George,Simon and Henry, head up the Anstine descendents. The fourth child, Frederick, heads up the Onstine descendents. Each child had many children so the Anstine / Onstine Family became very large very fast. As the country expanded, the adventurous Anstines and Onstines moved west and south. As a result the Family is spread out all over the country. Many family members participated in the various Wars and as result found new places to live near places where they were stationed.
As a result of the family size and relocation of the family members, the various family members became disconnected and had no knowledge of each other. With the advent of the Internet, many family members started searching for their roots. Some family members had information on some parts of the family lineage but no one had the entire picture. The Internet has made it possible to put the parts together to paint a more complete picture.
The 250th Anstine Arrival Anniversary Celebration / Reunion will celebrate this family heritage and bring together many family members to meet face to face for the first time. We will be gathering the largest group of Anstine / Onstine family members possible in one place. We hope to develop a sense of the "family history" by spending time at the heart of the Anstine Family origins in York County Pennsylvania. We hope to develop a "family spirit" by exchanging historical and current information and ideas about each other. And we will provide opportunities to have FUN as a Family. Games will focus on family members enjoying each other.
Agenda for the Celebration Reunion is provided below.
You can find additional information at the Anstine / Onstine Family Website at www.anstinefamily.com
The planning for 250th Anstine Arrival Anniversary Celebration / Reunion is coming along on schedule. We have reserved the large Picnic Shelter (200 person Capacity) at Algonkian Regional Park on the Potomac River in Cascades Virginia. We have reserved the shelter for August 3 and August 5. The major event on the 4th of August will be a bus tour of the Anstine Significant Sites in York County PA.

We are getting ready to reserve a block of rooms at the nearby AmeriSuites Hotels and The Hampton Inn. Each has a group rate (10 or more rooms reserved) of $79 per night plus tax. Each was within 4 miles of the Park Site.
AmeriSuites -
Each room has 2 double beds, plus a sofa-bed, which sleeps 2 additional people. Each room has a sitting area with a small kitchen.
The room rate includes a deluxe continental breakfast.
There is also an outdoor swimming pool.

Hampton Inn -
Each room has 2 double beds, and no sitting area or kitchen.
The room rate includes a continental breakfast.
There is also an indoor swimming pool.

We need to get a quick count of the number of rooms that we should reserve in a group rate block. Below we have included a list of informational items we need to further the planning effort. Please send that information when you can; however, we would appreciate it if you could let us know if you would like to be included on the list names to receive the group rate. Also let us know which Hotel you would prefer. We will reserve the block for the group rate with specific names. After that is done (in about a week) we will let you know, and then you can call the AmeriSuites - Dulles / Sterling Virginia at 703 444-3909 or Hampton Inn - Dulles Town Center at (703) 450-9595 to make your specific reservation. It has been recently announced that Loudoun County has been selected for this year’s Annual Civil War Reenactment in early August. This involves 10,000 people who come to participate in the reenactment. They will all be looking for rooms so we need to reserve our block of rooms soon.

We have been working on the agenda with the idea of making the Reunion a memorable and work-free event. Therefore we have eliminated meal preparation and clean-up so everyone will have more time to meet each other. We have found a nearby deli called the Corner-Bakery that prepares delicious box lunches. Breakfast will be provided free at the hotel. Dinners will be pizza ordered to the Picnic Pavilion on Friday night. Saturday night dinner will be on your own perhaps in York, PA in order to get a flavor of the local area. Sunday night we will have a dinner as a group at a local restaurant or Inn. There is also the option for those who want to go to the local restaurants. They are many restaurants in nearby downtown Cascades including: Logan’s Roadhouse, Ruby Tuesdays, Boston Market, Corner Bakery, Don Pablos (Mexican), That’s Amore, Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Applebees, Lone Star Steakhouse, Starbucks and of course Mc Donald’s.

We want to keep the costs for the Reunion low. Our current estimate is $20 per family (not person). This will cover the costs of soft drinks, ice, decorations, game prizes and other small expenses. Each family will pay for their own lodging and meals so costs can be controlled by each family.

In the next week we will be reviewing the needs for assistance and put out a list of small tasks requiring volunteers.

Many people have asked where Cascades Virginia is located. Cascades is 8 miles almost straight North of Dulles Airport. If you have a map of Virginia Cascades is 2 miles east of the intersection of Route 28 and Route 7. Cascades is not a city or offical town in Virginia. It is brand new community in Loudoun County right on the western edge of Fairfax County. The official address is Sterling Virginia which you can find on a map of Virginia.
Please reply to this email (by hitting the reply button) to let us know if you plan to attend the Reunion and also if you want to be included on the group rate list for the AmeriSuites or Hampton Inn. Also when you get a chance, please send the information requested on the form below
Ron and Jan Johnson

3-5 AUGUST 2001
(See attached agenda below)
Please list each Attendee from your immediate family:
-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
This is not a room reservation. This information is needed so we can reserve a block of rooms at the group rate. Once the number is set it will be difficult to add more rooms because Loudoun County has been selected as the site for a Civil War Reenactment during the same time period. There will be 10,000 participants - all looking for rooms.
Once the block of rooms is set - each family can make it’s own reservations.
Room Needed? Yes ( ) No ( ) AmeriSuites ( ) or Hampton Inn ( )
AmeriSuites Group Rate $79.00+tax per night (2 double beds plus Sofa Bed which sleeps 2 people) – 21481 Ridgetop Circle, Cascades, VA 20166 (703) 444-3909
Hampton Inn Group Rate $79.50+tax per night (2 double beds)– 46331 McClellan Way, Cascades, VA 20165 (703) 450-9490
Price per person will be determined once the total number is established.
Family Members on Bus Tour:
-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
Friday Night Pizza? Yes ( ) No ( )
Not a commitment – you can change your mind later.
Saturday Lunch Box Lunch? Yes ( ) No ( ) Number ( )
Estimated Cost - $6 to $10 per person. Not a commitment – you can change your mind later.
Sunday Lunch Box Lunch? Yes ( ) No ( ) Number ( )
Estimated Cost - $6 to $10 per person. Not a commitment – you can change your mind later.
Sunday Sit-Down Dinner? Yes ( ) No ( ) Number ( )
Estimated Cost $20 per person. Reservation cannot be cancelled after 1 July 2001.
Name _________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________
City, State, Zip _________________________________________
E-mail Address ________________________________________
Mail to:
Ron and Jan Johnson
375 NE Elm Terrace
Jensen Beach, Florida 34957
(561) 334-1432
Or E-Mail: rjrjrj@prodigy.net
250th Anstine Arrival Anniversary Celebration / Reunion
Schedule of Events (Revised 1 April 2001)
FRIDAY 3 August 2001
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM At Picnic Shelter #1 in Algonkian Regional Park
Registration / Getting badges / Signing Guest Book for Time Capsule / Buying Tee Shirts (not included in basic cost ) / Mingling and Meeting
Including some formal presentations / Individual Introductions and presentations
· Objective of this session is to share family information with Family Members so family members have a better understanding of the marvelous heritage of the Family.
· Program will begin will a short overview of the various Family Lines
· Several Family Members who have done extensive research will provide a summary of their efforts and provide information on the interesting facts they have learned about various family members.
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM DINNER and MINGLING (Pizza delivered to Picnic Shelter)
· Objective of this session is to learn more about each Family member present including children. Suggestions:
o Where do you live – Where have you lived
o Where did your parents live?
o What are you doing these days?
o What are your hobbies?
o Interesting Family experiences?
o For children where do you go the school? What school activities are you involved in?
o Any pets (dogs, cats, horses, other)?
o Awards or other recognition?
SATURDAY 4 August 2001
This day will be a day of Alternative Events
The primary event will be a day trip to York County PA.
The objective of this trip is for Family Members to acquaint themselves with the area where many of the Family foreparents lived. Also many of the cemeteries where many Family Members are buried will be visited. We will have a list of all family members buried in each cemetery and hopefully a map showing where to find each one.
The other possible formally planned events are listed below
7:30 AM Cars leave for York County PA
9:30 AM Arrive at in York County (location to be determined) for Bus Departure
9:30 AM - 12:00 AM Bus Tour of Anstine Family Sites
12:00 AM Box Lunch in a Park
1 PM - 4 PM Bus Tour Continues
4 PM Bus returns to Area where cars are parked
Dinner on your own. Local suggestions for dinner in York County will be
made. This will provide an opportunity for individual research also.
Golf at nearby Golf Course in Park
Conducted Tour of Washington DC Highlights
Conducted Visit to Daughters of American Revolution and National Archives
SUNDAY 5 August 2001 (A DAY IN THE PARK)
· The objective this day is for family members to continue to meet each other on a more informal basis though family games and other activities.
· Tables will be set aside after lunch for those who desire to display family photos and other family information for Family Members to review.
· The day will conclude with a sit down dinner at a nearby restaurant (Still to be determined)
10:30 AM – 12:30 Children's Games
12 Noon Lunch – Box Lunches from Corner-Bakery in Cascades VA
1:30 PM GROUP PHOTOS (Total Group and Family Line Groups)
2:00 PM Anstine Family Games Olympics (All records will be new)
4 PM - 5PM Anstine Family Time Capsule Ceremony (Everyone contributes)
5:30 PM Break for Swimming and rest before ANSTINE FAMILY BANQUET
7:00 PM ANSTINE FAMILY BANQUET Refreshments (soft drinks, ice tea)
7:30 PM ANSTINE FAMILY BANQUET Sit Down Dinner at a Local Inn / Restaurant
9:30 PM Closing Ceremony / Awards
For More Information go to www.anstinefamily.com
Don't forget to reply to this email to let us know if you would like us to place your name on the list for a hotel room reservation at the group rate.