Deed Records
Record No. Date of Deed or Indenture Date Recorded Abstract of Deed or Indenture
2B-27 3 Apr. 1782 6 Apr. 1782 Indenture
Grantors: Christian Sailor, Windsor Township, yeoman and wife Margret
Grantee: George Anstine [Johan Jurg] of York County, yeoman
Consideration: 400 pounds
Acreage: 300 acres more or less in Windsor Township
2L-179 9 May 1787 24 Dec. 1795 Indenture
Grantors: Andrew Finley, Hopewell Township, yeoman and wife Martha
Grantee: George Anstone [Johan George Anstine] , yeoman
Consideration: 205 pounds
Acreage: 155 acres 60 perches in Hopewell Township
2L-194 21 May 1787 4 Jan. 1796 Bond
Andrew Finley gives bond in the sum of 410 pounds to George Anstone that the above deed be fully executed and Anstone confirmed in possession of the land, conflicting claims notwithstanding
3Q-470 8 May 1794 3 May 1841 Indenture
Grantors: George Einstein [Johan Jurg Anstine], Windsor Township, yeoman, and wife Catharine
Grantee: Philip Anstine, Windsor Township, farmer
Consideration: 250 pounds
Acreage: 146 acres and 61 perches in Windsor Township
Land acquired by deed 2B-27 above
2Q-537 2 July 1800 26 Sept. 1803 Indenture
Grantors: Siegmund Anstein [Simon Anstine] and wife Catharina, Nicholas Blasser and others
Grantees: Matthias Blasser, son of Nicholas Blasser of York Township, yeoman
Consideration: 155 pounds eleven shillings one penny half penny to each heir (amounting to 1,088 pounds 17 shillings and ten pence half penny)
Acreage: 133 acres in York Township
2Q-268 29 Jan. 1803 29 Jan. 1803 Indenture
Grantors: Simon Anstine, Windsor Township, yeoman, and wife Catharine
Grantee: Frederick Hartman, Windsor Township, yeoman
Consideration: 500 pounds
Acreage: 135 acres 8 perches; 171 acres; 25 acres 129 perches in Windsor and Chanceford Townships
Note: Simon had acquired the land by a Sheriff's deed on November 20, 1801
2Q-479 29 Oct. 1802 11 Aug. 1803 Indenture
Grantor: Jacob Motts, Hopewell Township, farmer
Grantee: George Anstine [Johan George Anstine], Hopewell Township
Consideration: 187 pounds one shilling in Hopewell Township
Acreage: 44-l/2 acres in Hopewell Township
3K-162 1 Apr. 1818 5 Jan. 1829 Indenture
Grantor: George Anstine [Johan George Anstine], Hopewell Township
Grantee: Henry Anstine [Heinrich Anstine], Hopewell Township
Consideration: $2,783.75
Acreage: 139 acres 30 perches
3K-387 8 June 1829 14 Oct. 1829 Indenture
Grantors: Martin Frey, Windsor Township, and wife Catharine
Grantees: Simon Anstine and Michael Miller, as trustees for graveyard of Frey's Church, Windsor Township
Consideration: $10.00
Acreage: 1 acre 100 perches for public place of burial at Frey's Church, Windsor Township
3L-33 8 Apr. 1830 4 June 1830 Bond
John Ebaugh, Adam Ebaugh and Jacob Hauck of Hopewell Township give bond in the amount of $590 to Henry Anstine of the same place that a conveyance of 45 acres and 97 perches to Henry Anstine on 8 April 1830 is a lawful one giving him clear title to the lands in question
3N-355 6 Mar. 1835 7 Mar. 1835 Indenture
Grantors: Simon Anstine, Windsor Township, and wife Catharine
Grantee: Henry Y. Slaymaker, Windsor Township
Consideration: $2,000.00
Acreage: 275 acres 140 perches in Windsor Township
Note: Surveyed to Simon Anstine and wife April 8, 1829
3O-345 22 Aprl. 1837 14 Apr. 1837 Indenture
Grantors: Henry Anstine, Windsor Township, and wife Elizabeth
Grantee: Henry Y. Slaymaker, Esq., Windsor Township
Consideration: $1,600.00
Acreage: 142 acres 56 perches in Windsor Township
3Q-371 27 July 1840 27 July 1840 Indenture
Grantors: George Anstine and wife Hester and others of Hopewell Township
Grantees: Henry Anstine and others, members of the vestry of the Union Associate Congregation of Mechanicsburg (now Stewartstown) in Hopewell Township
Consideration: $45.00
Acreage: 48,700 square foot lot for the purpose of building a church or house of worship in Hopewell Township
3R-177 11 Jan. 1842 15 Jan. 1842 Indenture
Grantor: Bernard Decker, York Township
Grantee: Frederick Anstine, Windsor Township
Consideration: $1,200.00
Acreage: 52 acres 66 perches in York Township
3U-550 17 Mar. 1849 7 Apr. 1849 Indenture
Grantors: Henry Anstine and wife Elizabeth and others, Hopewell Township
Grantee: Directors of Common Schools of Hopewell Township District in the County of York
Consideration: $1.00
Acreage: 58-1/2 perches in Hopewell Township
3U-532 20 Mar. 1849 3 Apr. 1849 Indenture
Grantors: Samuel T. Miller, Windsor Township, and wife Louisiana
Grantee: Michael Anstine, Windsor Township
Consideration: $725.00
Acreage: 36 perches and 70 perches in Windsor Township
3V-197 2 June 1849 20 Mar. 1850 Indenture
Grantor: Administrator of Charles Seitz, late of Springfield Township, deceased
Grantee: John E. Anstine, York County
Consideration: $800.00
Acreage: 88 acres 80 perches in Springfield Township
Note: The Indenture contained reservations as to the holding of the property which related to the physical welfare of Philip Hess and his wife Elizabeth