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LCpl Paul L. Anstine - Combat Photographer for Marine Corps
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From LCpl paul L. Anstine on 26 October 1999:
I enlisted in the Marine Corps in June of 1996. I stayed in
the delayed entry program until June of 1997, Thirteen days after graduating from High School I reported to Parris Island, Sc for Boot camp, where after 13 weeks I graduated Sept 19, 1997 a Private First Class(PFC). Following a brief 10 days of boot leave, I reported to MCT(Marine Combat Training) while there I was selected to attend Combat Photography school in Ft. Meade, MD.
Combat Photography school was 13 weeks, during which I was promoted to Lance Corporal. I graduated Photography school on Apr 17, 1998. I was then given orders to Iwakuni, Japan which is about 45 kilometers south of Hiroshima.
While in Japan I took photo's of Ceremonies, promotions, damage to gov't property, aircraft mishaps and forensic photography. In February 99I deployed with VFMA 212 ,a F/A-18 Hornet Squadron, to Alaska(Exercise Northern Edge)and to Guam(exercise Tandem Thrust) with in route stops to Hawaii, Wake Island, and the Kwajalen Atoll. While on this deployment one of the F/A-18's crashed into a mountain in Alaska. I was sent out by helo to take photographs. I was put into a safety harness and the door of the helo was opening so that I could take a 360 of the surrounding area. Once the helo landed the recover team climbed the mountain and I proceeded to take more in-depth photographs to include photo's of the pilot.
After the deployment I finished out the rest of my 13 month tour in
Japan and received orders to the 4th Marine Corps recruiting District here in New Cumberland, PA. While I'm attached to this command I primarily take photo's for ceremonies, promotions, and the district magazine. I also travel around with our recruiting Hummvee to places like the Little League World Series, Martinsville Raceway, and various other places to support the recruiting mission.
I have just received the word that on the first of Nov, 1999 I will be promoted to Corporal.

Boot Camp Photo
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