Marriage Records (B to E)

Groom Bride Date Church/Place County ST Other Information/Source
Beck, Francis Anstine, Mary Elizabeth 25 Jan. 1881 Macomb McDonough IL Daughter of Michael L. & Amy Snider (Schneider)
Bedwell, James Edgar Anstine, Laura Ethel 20 Nov. 1901 * McDonough IL Daughter of Simon B. & Hannah R. (Higbee); The History of McDonough County, Illinois, Vol. I
Bergman, David K. Anstine, Mary C. 3 Nov. 1891 * York PA Daughter of George Washington & Sarah (Stein); married by Rev. William S. Freas; Genealogical Reports for The Historical Society of York County, Pennsylvania (file 1063)
Botchlett, William D. Anstine, Luella "Lulu" M. 26 Nov. 1884 Industry McDonough IL Daughter of Simon B. & Hannah R. (Higbee); McDonough County, Illinois, Marriages 1881-1889, by Grimm, Vol. V
Bovey, James L. Anstine, Hannah Alice 7 Oct. 1892 * McDonough IL Daughter of Simon B. & Hannah R. (Higbee); excerpts from Industry Cemetery, Industry Illinois, book by Grimm, p. 92
Bradley, Charles Onstine (Anstine), Barbara 17 Nov. 1858 * Huron OH Daughter of George & Rosana (Ruhl); Anstine Family website
Bradley, Frank Bacchus Springer, Cornelia Meeker 5 Jan. 1897 Chicago Cook IL Son of Charles & Barbara Onstine (Anstine); Anstine Family website
Brubacher, John Anstine, Esther 3 Dec. 1793 First Reformed Church, York York PA York County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century, Vol. II, p. 52
Buckles, John Harrison Rowe, Ida Mae 11 Feb. 1891 * Logan IL Daughter of John Rowe & Catherine "Kate" Anstine; Information from Doris Russell
Canfield, Robert Hunter Onstine (Anstine), Laura Louisa 30 Mar. 1886 La Crosse La Crosse WI Daughter of Henry & Mary (Bennett); Anstine Family website
Case, Thomas H. Onstine (Anstine), Eliza 1 June 1839 * Lorain OH Daughter of Henry & prob. Susan (Sadler) or Sabrina Sage (Tillotson); Anstine Family website
Clair, Henry Anstine, Mary Ann 9 July 1846 * York PA Pennsylvania Republican, July 22, 1846 issue
Conaway, Daniel Anstine, Magdalene 28 Mar. 1839 Christ Lutheran Church York PA Married by Rev. A. H. Lochman Genealogical Reports of The Historical Society of York Co. (file 1063)
Dechant, Chase Neal, Jerusha Catherine 1 Jan. 1878 Scottsburg McDonough IL Daughter of William F. & Mary Ann (Anstine); Anstine Family website
Dixon, Clifford William Anstine, Maude 6 Dec. 1906 Decatur Macon IL Daughter of Davis & Margaret (Ayers); Information from Doris Russell
Eames, Theodore J. Onstine (Anstine), Emmeline 1850 * Lorain OH Daughter of Henry & prob. Susan (Sadler); Anstine Family website
Ebaugh, Adam Anstine, Elizabeth 1837 * York PA Daughter of Henry & Elizabeth (Miller); History of York County, Pennsylvania, by Gibson (1886), Part II, p. 112
Eddy, Ethan P. Onstine (Anstine), Julia 26 Feb. 1841 * Lorain OH Daughter of Henry & prob. Susan (Sadler) ; Anstine Family website