Migration Patterns

Migration Patterns Pages will show the way that many Anstine Family members have Migrated from York County Pennsylvania. Many Anstine Family members have continued to live in Pennsylvania - but many others have migrated to other parts of the country.

Until the Internet came along the various groups of Anstine/Onstine/Enstine Family Members remained disconnected from other parts of the family as maintaining communications was not easy in the early days of this country. Also, the primary modes of transportation was by horse and train. This did not make it easy for family members to stay in touch. We encourage Family Members who have perspectives on the Anstine Family migration patterns to provide such for inclusion into this Web Site.

This portion of the Website is still under construction; however, if you press the CONTINUE button you will see the various destinations of the migration routes. Each of these destinations will be an intersting chapter for this section of the Website.

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