Anstine - Enstine - Onstine Military Registry
A Great American Patriotic Family

The purpose of this web page is to honor all those Anstine, Enstine, and Onstine Family members who have served or are serving as a member of the military services who defend our freedom. Our goal is to list ALL family members who have served or are currently serving in any branch of military service from the time of the Revolutionary War to the present.

The Anstine, Enstine, Onstine Family has a great history of service starting with three sons of the original settler, Johan Jurg Anstein, who served in the Revolutionary War. Those three sons are Johan George, Sigesmund, and Frederick.

At this point, we are gathering information and would like your input. We have prepared a form for your use. It can be downloaded at: for a pdf file, or for a Microsoft Word file.

Instructions for emailing or mailing are on the form.

According to the Veterans Administration, there are 31 Anstines buried in National Cemeteries, and 4 Onstines are buried in National cemeteries.

Memo from Bob Anstine (GGJJECE), Co-Chairman Military Registry Committee

Many of the attendees at the 2011 Reunion expressed an interest in the Anstine/Onstine/Enstine Military Register. Establishing a connection with your ancestors who had a military link may have recently become easier because this is the 150th Anniversary (21 July 2011) of the start of the American Civil War.

One thing that you may want to consider is being sure that any unmarked graves of Civil War soldiers and sailors are marked. Anne Tempera (GGJJECED) is in the process of accomplishing that for one of her ancestors on her grandmother’s side of the family who fought in a Maryland regiment. She is exploring a little known free program through Veterans Affairs that will provide a memorial at the gravesite. To find out more about the program go to and then to "Veterans Services" and "Burials and Memorials".

You can also find service records of your ancestors and learn where they fought. In fact, if they were captured, as was Beniah K. Anstine, you can even find out where they were captured and imprisoned as POWs.

Kathleen Anstine actually found the Civil War diary of Beniah K. Anstine in a Nebraska historical collection. If you have a Civil War era manuscript you may consider donating either the original or a good copy to an established group such as the Pennsylvania Historical Society to assure its availability to posterity.

You can also make sure that your ancestors are honored by a memorial brick at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA. Take a look at and then click on "Support" for details. You can also make sure that your ancestor’s grave is listed on website. You can also additional information not included if you would like.